Doterra Supplements & Whole30

The second installment of my Whole30-meets-doterra blog posts is all about the Food Nutrient complex known as Microplex VMz. Let me just say that this stuff is a game changer!  I have struggled (read s t r u g g l e d) with vitamin deficiencies, chronic lethargy, daily headaches, and most likely thyroid related issues over the years. Throughout college, I figured that my constant exhaustion was simply due to the fact that I was barely sleeping and living off of bad coffee and fried gooey cafeteria food. But even post graduation, I still felt like a zombie; it was getting really old.  My husband and I lived in this beautiful bubble of an oasis in the San Juan Islands. Seriously perfect, and yet I constantly felt like I had to “rally” just to go for a walk. My energy was simply non-existent. I was getting enough sleep, eating well, but I had tried supplements in the past and they had never helped, so none of those.

Fast forward to August 2015. I went to a doTERRA class at my best friends house and decided to take the plunge. I got one of the bigger kits, because I had decided that I wanted to replace everything in my house with nontoxic alternatives. With that kit came the trio of supplements that you see above. I can honestly say that I had a few doubts, I mean, how powerful can vitamins actually be?

VERY powerful.

Because of the unique way that doTERRA has formulated the Livelong Vitality trio, they are completely bioavailable and nourish your body at a cellular level. I had been consistently taking them for two months, when I had my blood work done and my levels were normal. Iron, vitamin D, everything. Finally. I had been sleeping better, had more energy, and this little trio was the only thing that I had changed about my routine. The psoriasis on my scalp had calmed down, my skin was better, and get this, my husband was taking them too and his anxiety was better. What?

What sets LLV apart from your regular old (or even organic health food store) vitamin is that they have doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils inside of them. The oils are so molecularly tiny that they pass through the cell membrane, allowing all the whole food, omega 3’s, and cellular nourishment into all your cells. Crazy right? That is why they work. That is why they actually change your iron levels, or whatever you’re struggling with, because they can be properly absorbed, and they are of the highest quality.

So I’m a believer, and with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, you should at least give them a try.


Whole30 & doTERRA

Match made in health heaven, right? My husband and I are beginning our first run of Whole30 today. We both wanted a detox/cleanse and to reset the way we view food and how we eat. We typically avoid processed foods, empty starches, excess sugar, etc., but this is a game changer. We are filled with excitement, nerves, and hopefully a lot of willpower. I’m most sad to give up DAIRY. I loveee cheese, cream in my coffee, melted cheese, goat cheese… cheese. I’m not a huge sugar person, don’t get me wrong I LOVE a good homemade desert or cookie, but it’s not my go to snack. So here’s hoping my detox symptoms won’t be as bad in that area.

I’ve been thinking a lot the last couple days about which oils I’ll be using to help me out, as well as supplements that I’ll be taking to aid the detox process. They are full of digestive enzymes, whole food nutrients, and elements that encourage cellular vitality .Every day for about the next week I’ll be writing about specific oils, how I’m using them specific to my Whole30 journey. Whether to help with cravings, boost energy levels, or just give me a healthy dose of motivation, I’m going to cover a wide range of uses. Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages @anchorandoil and I will be posting live videos there too! If you have any specific questions, please ask them in the comment section and I would love to help in any way!

Synthetics in Every Day Products

Guys, I’m bummed. I recently learned about the effects of synthetic fragrances (labeled as fragrance, or parfum in our products) on our hormone function. I had known about this in general for a while now, but hadn’t fully realized just how many products contain “fragrances” and that it’s not as simple as choosing an organic or “all natural” product. I’ve read several articles today about the true meaning of fragrances. It’s basically a nice word that companies use to cover up the chemicals they use to make our shampoo, lotions, deodorant etc. smell nice. One post I read said that fragrance is actually considered a neurotoxin and contains toluene which has been known to cause loss of muscle control, brain damage, headaches and memory loss among other things. Nice. This is just one of the ingredients in the products we use every day that are damaging our organs through contact with our skin. Others that we should be avoiding are:

  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • diethanolamine (DEA) used  in a variety of personal care/laundry detergent products to create lather
  • petrolatum (mineral oils and paraffin)
  • sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) found in foaming products (think of all the things we have that foam)
  • proplene glycol: actually antifreeze, and is linked to kidney and liver disease (lovely).
  • acrylamide: known to increase infertility and neurological problems.
  • phenol: think sink lotion
  • dioxane: more foaming. Linked to cancer.
  • formaldehyde: found in just about everything
  • heavy metals: (lead, aluminum, arsenic, nickel, beryllium, mercury, and cadmium) Aluminum is the number one ingredient in most deodorants, and at least one of these is probably in your makeup.

Something else I learned is that “oil” is not the same as essential oil and is most likely synthetic. Even products that have essential oils in them most likely purchase them (or merely chemical components of the natural oil) for cheap from a provider and they are not necessarily pure.

Here is a picture of all of the things I found in my house (most of which I don’t even use anymore) that have at least one of the ingredients listed. As you can see, just because they say all natural or organic, often doesn’t cut it: unnamed.jpg


Some of these are pretty obvious. But I was disappointed buy the alba products. Both of which contain synthetic fragrances. I had used Organix shampoo for years, but now it’s a no go. I even discovered that Mrs. Meyers has synthetic fragrance!  I had tried all natural shampoos and things (think Jason, or the stuff from Trader Joes) but it always dried my hair out, so I would go back to the bad stuff. Now I only use doTerra bath products and cleaning products, and not only do they smell amazing and contain pure essential oils which benefit the hair and scalp but they don’t dry my hair out, they lather well, and they contain ZERO bad stuff.


I wanted to include Dr. Bronner’s as well because it serves as an excellent base when making DIY’s with your oils.

My challenge for you is to check out the stuff you use in your home and make sure they’re really safe and good for you and your family. These ingredients can be pretty sneaky, but with what I know now about their toxic effects on my hormones, it’s worth it to me to rid my shower and under my sink of chemicals and synthetics, you should too, your body will thank you!