Hey, my name is Kelsey. I live on a boat in the PNW with my husband Hugh, and our dog Rory. Life gets weird sometimes, so I’m super thankful I know Jesus.

I met my super sweet husband at 15 over MSN. Classic I know. But from the minute we met (in real life) it was like I was finally understood. I’ve never met another soul who gets me better than he does, and I’m head over heals in love with him.

He adopted our dog Rory, a pit mix, and at first I was nervous, I’ve grown up with dogs but never a breed that is criticized for being vicious. I know it’s all about the training, but still. She has turned out to be the most loving, snuggly, affectionate fur baby and I’m so glad I was wrong! I have quickly become a lover of pits and wish I could adopt every single one. With the right training and home, they are truly the best dogs.

My husband and I have big dreams and small bank accounts. And that’s okay. We’re constantly strategizing and planning future trips and adventures, and trying to think up the best way to make those things happen. We’ve both decided, that for us at least, the most important thing is becoming our own bosses. Because it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you don’t have the time or the freedom to travel, you just won’t go. For now, he works on boats and I am a photographers assistant/second shooter (which I LOVE, she took the picture on this page!). My dream and passion though is in educating and empowering people about health and wellness using essential oils and decreasing the toxic load in their bodies and in their homes. Through that “job” (it so does not feel like a job!) I get to help people heal their bodies gently and naturally, and truly feel able to take care of their loved ones in a way that is safe and optimal for over all health, what a joy! It’s really just a bonus that it could some day replace my income and allow my husband and I to be financially free. For more on that check out the Anchor & Oil page, or my instragrom @anchorandoil.

When I’m not helping Hugh save the boat from sinking or sharing oils or taking photos, I love to read, knit, try new recipes (or just make them up) and watch Netflix (currently rewatching Parenthood).  I love my little home of Bellingham, and getting out and going on local hikes, trying new hole in the wall restaurants, and of course being on the water as often as possible.



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