Whole30 & doTERRA

Match made in health heaven, right? My husband and I are beginning our first run of Whole30 today. We both wanted a detox/cleanse and to reset the way we view food and how we eat. We typically avoid processed foods, empty starches, excess sugar, etc., but this is a game changer. We are filled with excitement, nerves, and hopefully a lot of willpower. I’m most sad to give up DAIRY. I loveee cheese, cream in my coffee, melted cheese, goat cheese… cheese. I’m not a huge sugar person, don’t get me wrong I LOVE a good homemade desert or cookie, but it’s not my go to snack. So here’s hoping my detox symptoms won’t be as bad in that area.

I’ve been thinking a lot the last couple days about which oils I’ll be using to help me out, as well as supplements that I’ll be taking to aid the detox process. They are full of digestive enzymes, whole food nutrients, and elements that encourage cellular vitality .Every day for about the next week I’ll be writing about specific oils, how I’m using them specific to my Whole30 journey. Whether to help with cravings, boost energy levels, or just give me a healthy dose of motivation, I’m going to cover a wide range of uses. Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages @anchorandoil and I will be posting live videos there too! If you have any specific questions, please ask them in the comment section and I would love to help in any way!


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